Construction Apprentice

To apply for the apprenticeship program, please go to


American Line Builders Apprentice Training
1900 Lake Road, Medway, OH 45341
Phone: 937-849-4177
Fax: 937-849-0592

To become an apprentice in any classification, you must attend and complete the ALBAT training.


Apprenticeship is an opportunity for inexperienced individuals to learn a career skill through actual "hands-on" training, not just reading a book.

ALBAT apprentices are full-time employees of electrical contractors and earn excellent pay and benefits while they are being taught these skills by master craftsmen on the job.

In addition to the on-the-job training, ALBAT apprentices receive related classroom instruction, which covers the techniques of the trade, as well as the theory behind the techniques.
Apprentices learn "how" on the job and "why" in the classroom.

The cost to apply to ALBAT is $25 for registration (subject to change) and $600 for books (subject to change) which does not have to be paid right away.

Introductory training lasts for 3 weeks (either 2 straight weeks or 3 weeks if you go home on the weekends.) There is no charge for the school as long as you complete the courses. If you realize that you do not want to continue the courses, you must notify ALBAT by the drop deadline; otherwise you will be responsible for the $6,000 fee (price is based according to classification.)

Apprenticeship generally lasts approximately 3 1/2 years, but it can be accelerated or delayed according to your performance in the program and how many hours you have completed.

Will my training be close to home?

Because of the nature of Outside Electrical Construction industry work, outside lineman are required to travel. It is also necessary for apprentices to travel, not only to contribute toward the progress of the job, but also to obtain the diversity of work experiences required to become a competent Journeyman.

Introductory training

All newly selected applicants are required to attend Introductory training, where beginning apprentices learn safety procedures, OSHA regulations, electrical theory, pole climbing, pole-top and bucket-truck rescue, first aid/CPR, ropes and rigging, knot tying, tools and equipment, truck and equipment operation. 

ALBAT makes arrangements for meals and lodging, but no actual wages are paid.

After satisfactory completion of Introductory training, apprentices are eligible for assignment to a contractor to begin their on-the-job training.

Additional training requirements

ALBAT apprentices must also attend related training sessions on their own time – generally, one four-hour session each ALBAT Training month, from September through June. Apprentices complete a course of study that includes 18 workbooks and 21 tests.